Monday, December 28, 2009

Season greetings and Christmas thoughts

Christmas time brings out such wonderful spirit in all. Maybe it was the excitement of the heavy snowstorm or just the joy of all being together once again. It had been five years since I was last in London and although being sad about leaving the hot African sunshine, I was immensely excited about seeing my family again.

Five years is a long time and so much has changed. The boys have all grown at least a foot and everyone's hair is much longer. We have all grown into these actual people with real thoughts, individual opinions and personalities that were never so apparent before. Standing shoulder to shoulder for the hour that everyone took photos, the similarities in all seven of us cousins were shocking. The same height, same noses, same figures and laughs. It was amazing. Eventually the whole family was bunched together while friends snapped away to document the occasion. Even the dog was lifted into a few shots. Later, we all stood around the massive pool table while Nana entertained us all with her games; awarding prizes to the winners of each round. There was plenty to drink and even more to eat and everyone had a permanent smile plastered across their faces.

Eventually we all had to say goodbye, no-one mentioning that it is unknown when we will all be together again. It was a great day. I wished it could have lasted all week but alas, we must return to our own individual lives.

Going into London is another novelty in it's self, especially now that the sales are on. Oxford street was just bustling with people dashing up and down to get to each shop before they closed or all the good stuff ran out. I spent almost two hours in one shop, only leaving with two things. I couldn't believe how big the store was! Every time I turned to leave I found myself in a new section with even more clothes!

As the sun set and the Christmas lights came on, I thought for a second about the snow. By now it has all melted but the icy air still lingers. It created such an atmosphere. Falling from the sky like cotton wool balls and covering all the stains on the ground. England was a winter wonderland, white in all directions, while Jack Frost nipped at our toes. It really set the mood for what turned out to be an incredibly memorable Christmas and a holiday that won't soon be forgotten.

The weather man says there's more snow on it's way so I'm hoping for one last snowball fight before I fly back home to the African sun.

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