Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gift giving can be tricky...


No-one has ever put it like this before...

Rusty Spoons

Possibly the most weirdly cute thing I've ever seen.


Today is a lot calmer than the earlier part of the week so I'm seizing the day and stocking up on my creative inspiration. While doing this, I am also up loading my photographs from my incredible trip to Kenya earlier this year. We Art Directors are the best at multitasking. Looking back to at the paradise i called home for two weeks brings a terrible sense of nostalgia. If only life was always so simple. If the sun always shone and mornings always started with a trip to the bottom of your garden for a swim in the sea. I suppose I will always have the beautiful memories but why does the real world have to consist of sitting in-doors looking at a computer? Ah, one day, I will live in the wilderness, bathing in the sun, eating fresh fruit from the trees and washing in the ocean. One day...

 Just another day in Watamu, riding a camel on the beach.

The Real World

So, as we speak, my very first piece of work is being presented to clients up in Johannesburg. It's quite exciting really, so different from all the self-initiated work I did in college. It isn't the most exciting advert I must say but still, it's mine. I'll find out later this week if any of my ideas were bought so hold thumbs! In reality this isn't as glamorous as I might have suggested. It's work to control a shit storm that is going to hit in a few weeks. Also, it's almost like doing the devils bidding. Work that I don't believe in for a system that isn't doing anyone any favours, except maybe the government. But still, it's my first project out here in the Real World and I think I should celebrate that. I don't know how many people I will tell if my ad gets chosen. If any of the disgruntled people find out I had anything to do with it, I might just get a rotten pie thrown in my face. Yet this is advertising and this is what we're payed to do...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Nowhere

     I've always liked Magnetic Man but 
     something about this video intrigues me.        
     Maybe it's the darkness that's still so beautiful
     or that it feels quite sinister to watch. For 
     those who, like me, didn't know the 
     relevance of the colours of the hooded men,
     they depict the four horsemen of the 
     apocalypse. With white being conquest, 
     red as war, black representing famine and 
     pale being death.Very clever.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year, New World

So almost a whole year has passed since I last wrote anything but times were tough and blogging had to take a back seat.

During this time, I have finished my degree in advertising, graduated, performed the valedictory speech at graduation, traveled to home and back, spent a brief spell in Kenya and started work in the Real World. What a year 2010 was. With the World Cup and the madness it brought and the parties that came with that madness. Finishing college was something more dramatic though. To leave an institution that had been -for lack of a better word- my home for three years, it was tough on my little heart. At 21 I'm now alone in the big wide world, trying to find my feet and become the elusive - Art Director.

I am grateful that I have found work. Really, I am. So I feel that I should be a 'real creative' and blog about things and people that inspire me. I'm not really one of those arty-farty people but I'll do my best. Although, I'm not promising anything too mind-blowingly amazing and creative. I'll probably just post pictures that make me laugh.

We'll see...