Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Real World

So, as we speak, my very first piece of work is being presented to clients up in Johannesburg. It's quite exciting really, so different from all the self-initiated work I did in college. It isn't the most exciting advert I must say but still, it's mine. I'll find out later this week if any of my ideas were bought so hold thumbs! In reality this isn't as glamorous as I might have suggested. It's work to control a shit storm that is going to hit in a few weeks. Also, it's almost like doing the devils bidding. Work that I don't believe in for a system that isn't doing anyone any favours, except maybe the government. But still, it's my first project out here in the Real World and I think I should celebrate that. I don't know how many people I will tell if my ad gets chosen. If any of the disgruntled people find out I had anything to do with it, I might just get a rotten pie thrown in my face. Yet this is advertising and this is what we're payed to do...

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