Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

A friend of mine phoned me one day asking when next I was going home. "Not for a while" I replied. She then told me how she needed to get to George somehow to go fetch her car. With this possibility of a fantastic Roadtrip, I changed plans and we set off for George that Friday. Here's what she wrote about the experience. My pictures are more of how lovely and complete it feels to be at home...

I went back about a month later to see my Mom and celebrate the second leg of my Birthday. We had a wonderful time at my friends River House along side the Kaaimans River. The house is completely secluded, surrounded by trees, water and mountains. It is breathtaking. When looked at from above, it sits right at the bottom of the map of Africa. A popular view point for tourists as the Kaaimans river cuts the mountain into the Shape of Africa..

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