Monday, November 30, 2009

There's something about theme parks, the music, the screaming, the waiting in line. It brings out the child that hides inside on normal college days. Maybe it's the sunshine or the adrenaline pumping through your veins. It's hard to describe. In that one day, while you're soaring through the air at a speed quicker than light, no thoughts go through your mind. There is just that moment.

Yet when the sun dips behind the clouds and the cool breeze blows, it changes. The laugher doesn't seem so loud and your skin tingles from the water left there from the log flume. The bumper cars seem to hit you that little bit harder and the rides start to shake. It feels like your perfect world is going to fall apart. That that one loose bolt just isn't going to hold and your seat will pop out on the next loop. Then the sun comes back and those fears subside to the thrill of that last ride.

Summer brings so many changes. Not only the sun but the fierce South Easter that howls through the trees. Like the wind, there is so much movement. Traveling to far off destinations. The excitement of going home again to bask in the sunlight and spend days lying on the beach. Seeing friends and laughing like you haven't in so long. Sharing all the stories that you've told over the phone but are that much funnier when repeated face to face.

There is just so much joy in the air now that deadlines and projects are a thing of last semester. There is nothing but the endless possibilities of how to spend your day. Beach or lake? Club or bar? Dress or shorts? Oh and not to forget the timeless question of what to do about cash...

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